About us

Temazo Music Group is a unique artist management started by Peter Gelderblom. After being active in the music industry for over 37 years with his wife Helen, Peter Gelderblom thought it was time for a new challenge. His love for music, his experience in the scene and his expertise brought him to the point to start his own artist management. And so it happened: Temazo Music Group was launched in 2015, ready to take over the world.

Temazo Music Group is a young & fresh organization where passion for music and working hard go straight together. You got to be driven to be succesfull in the music industry that revolutionizes everyday. This thought let Peter Gelderblom to start this adventure which brought him good.

Temazo Music Group does not only manage great artists, they also have five studio's with the highest caliber of studio equipment which allows artists to work on their productions in peace.

Temazo Music Group works closely together with Spinnin' Records, the biggest dance label of the world, and several national bookings agencies and there is more to come

Temazo works day and night, Temazo learns day and night, Temazo grows day and night. The future is bright. What is the next chapter...