Sam Dylon Blans better known by his stage name DJ Sam Blans, is a DJ/Producer from The Netherlands.

This music journey starts with a curious young boy who decided to buy a guitar when he was just 8 years old. By playing this instrument not only did his musicale skills grew he also found a huge love and passion for music. This passion would continue to grow when he discovered Fruity Loops and the piano.


During high school Sam started producing and experimenting with different sounds and genres. He knew at this point that he wanted to be a producer and a DJ. Although house music was his first style of choice, Sam quickly developed a taste for Caribbean, Latin/Afro-vibes and Urban music. This turn point in his carrier would serve him well and his first taste of musical success as a producer was the song “Dieper” by singer Gio and rapper Keizer released in 2014.

This song became a huge hit in the Dutch urban scene, which paved a way not only for Sam as a producer but also as a DJ. His music made it possible for him to gain experience as a DJ in local clubs. Over the years Sam has gained experience, improved his DJ skills and focused on feeding his (potential) audience. This was only the beginning to make a big man for himself.


In 2015 Sam released 2 club records “Mambo” and “Gaia Beat” that were played through out every club and festival gaining huge support in The Netherlands was 2016 and the name Sam Blans was a well-known fact within the music industry. Playing in all the big clubs and festivals in the Netherlands, touring throughout Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Curaçao, etc.  During these years of massive shows and touring he released the song “Hopi Chan Chan” with Ori. As with his previous releases the song gained the support of the Urban DJ scene and was played throughout the entire country.

In 2018 Sam worked with the Afro Bros resulting in the song “Candella” together with MC Chaos, Stiekz, and Chris Stick. Afro Bros are best known for making the worldwide hit “X” and collaborations with Pitbull, Karol G, Major Lazer etc. Sam wanted to take his music carrier to the next level and teamed up with artist management Temazo Music Group. 


With his new management Sam Blans is ready for a worldwide take over!


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