dj jean

DJ Jean, a name who left his indelible traces in the contemporary national and international club scene. Well known for his turntable “skills”, his notoriously rebellious dissolute lifestyle and especially as a dedicated DJ.

Jean is distinctive and overloaded with multiple awards and accomplishments.
Such as the most played club DJ on Dutch radio in the past 15 years and let’s not forget he is the most booked DJ ever in The Netherlands. His name counts many International classic releases as THE LAUNCH and EVERY SINGLE DAY. Jean is the only Dutch DJ who produced over more than 30 compilation CD’s for a total sale of 500,000 units, both national and international.

As a DJ with more than 30 years of experience, he is very adaptive in his performance.
We can honestly say that Jean can play at any particular type of event with his sidekick MC Maron Hill. Performing at worldwide infamous events such as Sensation, Tomorrowland, Dutch Valley and many more.

With DJ Jean and MC Maron Hill playing, the dancefloor is no longer safe, you better get ready to ROCK with these guys!


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