Robin Roxette’s career started as a professional dancer, for which she has incredible talent. Just like many people in the music industry, Robin is raised in a musical family. Influenced by her South American mother and her Dutch father, she listened to various artists such as The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Ricky Marin, Boys2Men, Prince, Queen, Bob Marley and many more.

This wide taste for music is still a big source of inspiration for Robin’s music today. She was inspired by female DJ Lady Bee and decided to give the turntable a go herself. She has performed in the biggest night clubs and at the biggest festivals in the Netherlands and is therefore very experienced in performing for a large crowd.

Besides being a phenomenal dancer, Robin also had a successful modeling career and was the host of a Dutch TV channel AT5, for which she presented a music program called ‘Hotspot’. After practicing her DJ skills for a long time, she could finally make her dream as a female DJ come true.

In 2017 Robin Roxette’s career got kickstarted. Due to her hard work she was able to arrange many bookings for herself. Soon she was playing in all the major clubs and festivals in not only the Netherlands but also worldwide.

Within a year, Robin Roxette was already performing in several places like Dubai, Los Angeles, Germany, Surinam, Curacao, and Spain. In exactly two years she had built a positive image as an amazing artist and DJ. She even had the honors to play at the most exclusive after-parties of multi-platinum singer Nicky Jam and worldwide superstar Drake.

Robin knew it was time to give her music career a boost. In 2019 she signed to Temazo Music Group, who represents artists such as Trobi and Afro Bros. Nowadays, she is working on her unique showcase. She will be the first female DJ who spins, dances and sings at the same time. With the support of a strong management company, Robin is ready to bring this unique concept into the world. Robin will give people a taste of her own music, supported by Temazo Music Group. On November 1st, 2019 she released her first single ‘Chocolate’ together with rapper Adje and producer Alex Sargo. This is certainly not the last time Robin will be heard.

certainly not the last time Robin will be heard.


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