Trobeats scores yet another hit with Sevn Alias!

After an amazing football season for Ajax, the club was blessed with two prices and a theme song.As the ladies took home the cup and the men’s team won the national championship. Sevn Alias and Trobeats payed a tribute to these outstanding performances with theirnew hit single ‘Herres’.

The track cannot be denied as it is being played everywhere. From local bars to national

television, and even the teams celebrating their victories with ‘Herres’ playing in the background.The track hit over 3.9 million streams within a week of the release and became Trobeats’ first number one listing in the Dutch top 100 charts.

It is therefore, that we are very proud of Trobeats and the small part of contribution added to the success of Ajax that was made by Temazo.

Take a look at the women's team of Ajax celebrating while dancing on Herres!

Source: @AjaxVrouwen on Twitter

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