Are you looking for a studio to record proper acoustics? Our studio's offer you a professional environment where you will be able to properly focus on new music projects such as an EP, album, demo, etc. 




The mixing and mastering part of a song could make or break it. At Temazo Music, you will be able to work with experienced producers and/or engineers. We also offer the option for you to work on your own projects. 


Are you looking for a studio to record proper accoustics? Or a chill environment where you can work on your new EP, album, CD or demo? Then look no further, Temazo is the place to be! 

Mixing & Mastering

Are you looking for somebody to mix and master your (own) music? Temazo has professional in house engineers and a fantastic control room with a sweet combination between vintage analog and digital gear to get the tracks "Radio ready".


Maybe you have an amazing voice, but not that right song. In this case we will help you to write the song you want, and to get an exclusive track as end result.  


Would you like to learn more about DJing, producing and mixing or mastering? Temazo Music Group and the DJ School provide you the means to achieve your wildest dreams!

'Temazo Music Group is a young & fresh organization where passion for music and HARD WORK COME AS ONE'

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